Adopt A Road

The Rotary Club of Oakdale has adopted a one mile stretch of Rodden Road that happens to be on the Spoketoberfest route.

How It Works

The Oakdale Rotary CLub is responsible for a mile stretch of roadway, meaning the maintenance of this stretch of road is overseen by the Oakdale Rotary Club.  Two times per year, Oakdale Rotary members clean the roadside of any and all debris.  The cleanups are scheduled for April and October of each year.

How Does the Adopt A Road Program Work?

The Adopt-a-Road Program involves volunteer organizations picking up litter on the roadside of local Stanislaus County streets. The cleanup area may be as much as the volunteer organization can control, but no less than ½ mile long. Volunteer organizations will need to clean each street section 2-4 times per year

How long is an adoption period?

Two years.

How often does the organization need to pick up the roadway?

2-4 Times Per Year

How do we guarantee the safety of our volunteers?

Each volunteer’s safety is extremely important to us. The leaders of each organization along with the initial volunteers are required to attend a
Safety Orientation class.


Chat With An Expert

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"As part of our senior project, we get to join the Oakdale Rotary and keep our roads clean."

James, Oakdale HS Student

"As a 35 year Oakdale resident, it is nice to know the Oakdale Rotary is committed to keeping our City clean. Well done Rotary!"


Get in Touch

(510) 759-9229

[email protected]


Meeting Hours & Location

Wednesday – 12:00 pm
Oakdale Country Club
243 N Stearns Rd, Oakdale, CA 95361